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    Exclamation US Airways

    I have to say that these airlines have us all by the Ba--s. We have been flying US Airways out of Phiily for 8 years now. Up until last year they were the only Airlines with a DIRECT Flight to Aruba and we always booked it. Last year I Booked the Direct Flights to (853) and From Aruba (854) in October of 06 for June 28th of 07 thru July 6th. For some unknown reason I checked our itinerary in Feb 07 and found that our flights were no longer Direct Flights but 1 stop at Charlotte and then to Aruba. Our seating wasn't in place for these flights either. They never notified us of this change till two weeks before departure but I had heads up on it as I checked it in Feb. and got our seats assigned. (Our flights were a nightmare, Late take offs,Switching gates, No Luggage)

    Well this year we booked in September for June 26th and return on July 5th 08. When we booked there were in fact three flights from Philly to Aruba and two were Direct flights. We figured after last years feasco they got smart and reinstated the Direct flights. Well Last Night I checked our intinary and guess what, NO DIRECT Flight from Philly to Aruba but Direct on the return. I checked and they removed all the Direct flights during the week AGAIN. And of coarse they didn't notify us again.

    When you book early make sure you check your itniaries regulary as the AirLines discontinue flights that you amy have already book on. Also check your seating because 9 out 0f 10 times your seating is not assigned when switched.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your problems w/ the airline.

    I booked our reservations with US Airways for the first time in Dec for May 2008.
    I'm a bit nervous now that our direct flight might change. We leave May 10 from Chicago to Aruba - but the return flight is not a direct flight

    The direct flight w/ US Airways is operated by United - has anyone ever left Chicago to Aruba direct?

    We have always used AA in the past for our flights to Aruba.

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    As far as I can see the only direct flights PHL to AUA are on Saturdays now.

    We never travel on Saturdays.

    I think we'll move to Charlotte to solve the problem.

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    sundays also have a direct flight out of phila to aruba...

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    We used to fly ATA out of Midway direct to Aruba you could upgrade for $100.00 per ticket. We flew many, many times and the planes were always full. It was great. They stopped with no notice and picked up Cancun. I have no idea why. Midway is just easier than O'Hare.

    Right now we usually go from Detroit to Charlotte then Aruba, via US air, only have had a few problems.

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    The same thing happened to me on my last trip in Nov. I usually fly American direct from Boston, but USAIR had a direct flight also with great departures and arrival times so I booked it May 07. Received an email in Oct stating they removed all direct flights from Boston.
    Had me in Charlotte w/2hour delay. I won't fly them again. I will stick with American.

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