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Thread: US Airways Choice Seat (the real cost)

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    US Airways Choice Seat (the real cost)

    Keep in mind the charge is for each leg of your trip

    to Tom Belden at the PHL Inquirer ( ats.html)...

    US Airways Group Inc., in a message to employees, billed the extra cost "as little as $5." The airline revealed the full range of the seat charges only in a separate e-mail. They are:

    $30 to Europe.

    $25 to Hawaii.

    $20 to Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda from Philadelphia, and $15 from other cities.

    $15 on domestic flights of 1,101 miles or more.

    $10 on flights of 501 to 1,100 miles.

    $5 on flights of 500 miles or less.

    US Airways said about 8 percent of the seats on most flights would be included in the Choice Seats program.

    The only aircraft type to which it will not apply is the Saab 340, a turboprop plane flown by US Airways Express carriers.

    The program also does not apply to exit-row seats, which often are sought by experienced travelers because they have extra legroom.

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    Yikes, What can you do!!!! I hate this stuff!!! But it is awfully nice when you get to the beloved Island home land!!

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