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Thread: USAirways from CLT...?

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    USAirways from CLT...?

    We are flying from Buffalo - Charlotte - Aruba in February. There are 2 flights from CLT - AUA that day, we are on the first flight out. We have 1hr 30mins to connect, my question is: If we miss our connection, does USAirways HAVE to accomadate us on the 2nd..??

    If there isn't any room on the 2nd flight, will they send us on a different airline/routing..?

    If given the choice, we would have flown Delta, but the fare on USAirways was good..
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    I've had a few experiences with USAir from Charlotte. We missed our connecting flight to Charlotte from Aruba because our Aruba flight was delayed. USAir did not have any flights available for that day so they booked us on a flight the following day and gave everyone a voucher for expenses. I believe it was $70.00 per family. Another time, we were delayed by snow on the way to Aruba. We could not get a flight for three days. Luckily, we had not left home yet, so we did not have to deal with finding somewhere to stay during that time. Our experience has been that Aruba flights are usually full flights, so there's usually not many extra seats on the next flight. However, we travel during Feb. which is high season. It may not be as bad in another season. Oops, I just noticed that you are also traveling in Feb., so expect the flights to be full. It can be tricky getting there that time of year, but it is so worth it.
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    90 minutes should allow for you to make it, even with a small interruption. Airlines are not required to get you to your destination on the next flight if it would mean bumping someone else. They would also likely put any of their high ranked frequent fliers on the second flight ahead of you. They could potentially send you via another airline, but most of those flights leave in the morning as well and it's unlikely that you would be able to arrive in the other airport in time to catch the flight.

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    We use usair Charlotte to Aruba each November and always have only 40 Mins to get to gate we always have enough time and sometimes can even grab a sandwich to go from the little sandwich shop near the gate. That is always a good day as we are usually pretty hungry by that time.

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    First time in years I am taking a connecting flight.... On the way home connecting US Air thru CLT. I don't foresee an issue... I have connected with much less time in between flights before.

    The only positive on this connection is that we have 1st class for both legs of the flight!
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    You will be fine catching your flight in Charlotte. Enough time to get to your flight even if you are at an opposite terminal. I fly in an out of CLT a few times a month and have never had a problem with short layovers. Now if it was Philly then it would be a different story.
    Have a great time!

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    The only glitch to all of this is, if you are not traveling on a USAIR flight from Buffalo to Charlotte and miss the Charlotte to Aruba flight, they may not have to find you another flight for nothing. Chadd would know more about this.

    We travel thru Charlotte and love that airport as it is smaller and easy to manage. We have had flight issues due to weather, no crew, etc and missed connections but USAIR did accommodate. Check your routing options ahead of time and this help a lot. They will move you onto other arilines, if necessary but I think they only have this obligation if you have traveled on their airline or booked with their airline.
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    Because you are flying out of Buffalo, the weather could delay your flight to CLT, thus not giving you enough time to make the connection. You know Buffalo better than I, (I fly out of Columbus OH to CLT) but I would not want to chance missing the connection to Aruba. I would schedule the later flight out of CLT to have more time for weather related delays. I would rather take the later flight and hopefully get to Aruba than to chance setting in Clt until the next day. Just my opinion.

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