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Thread: Waiting to book does not always work

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    you need a ouiji board to do business with jet blue !!

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    Booking early can hurt too.
    We booked late December, 2012 to insure we could get 1st class seats (6'-6", leg room is a big issue for me) for a trip in November 2013. 11 months ahead.
    We fly on a Saturday out of PHL nonstop but have to make connection in CLT on the return because it was on a Tuesday (no PHL flights).
    USAirway has decided to discountinue all flights to/from AUA on Tuesdays during November. So they put us on the Monday return. That didn't fit our vacation schedule so we asked to be booked on Wednesday, adding an extra day. Only problem is, they only had one 1st class seat left. My bride and our friend said they would accept coach for the AUA-CLT leg and and 1st class for the CLT-PHL leg. No refund or flight coupon would be issued for the class change. Bottom line, I'm paying 1st class fare but get 2 coach class tickets for 1/3 of our trip. Wish we had another airline out of PHL.

    Last year I paid $72 extra per seat to get the exit row. When we boarded we were on an A320, not the B757 that was scheduled. Needless to say, the seat pattern was didfferent. Once again they did not want to work with me. They said take it up with customer service in PHL. In PHL they said it should have been resolved in AUA. Catch 22.
    Took over 3 weeks talking to corperate to get it resolved.
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    That is the problem with USAir out of PHL. They gouge us since they are the only ones that fly nonstops to AUA....on Sat/Sun. A friend pointed out to me that last week they were flying nonstop to AUA on Monday. We have alwayas flown from PHL to AUA with the exception of flying Spirit once from Atlantic City. Another friend recommended that I check out flying from Newark to AUA. I did and saved quite a bit of $$$, and guess what? United flies nonstops to AUA every day and some days they have two nonstops. In two weeks, we are leaving for AUA and we will 'test out' United from EWR.
    Don't know where you live, but it might be worth checking out flying from EWR instead of PHL to AUA.

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    that is the reason we fly united because they are all non-stops. yes, on sundays they have two flights out to aruba non-stop. during the week they have one flight out. coming home, they have one flight home every day until I think around thanksgiving, then they have two flights home from aruba on sundays. the problem with united is they are the only game in town in the Newark area so they can play with the prices. you have to catch them for that 10 second drop they do every once in a while. it is cheaper to fly during the week but we need to fly on a sunday. if we tried to fly out of kennedy or LaGuardia in ny, the time to get to the airport barring any traffic, which is ALWAYS there, it would take a good hour to get to the airports. that is with no traffic. it would make a day of it because you would have to leave so early not knowing what the traffic is. we live 15 minutes from Newark Airport. so we pay the little extra it costs for united.

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    Interesting thread, I just re-checked my brother's flights from PHL non-stop on USAir. Going down he is booked in first class and the fare is still half of what United wants non-stop $2012 for the same dates, 12/21-1/2.

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