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Thread: "Watch" what you pack.

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    "Watch" what you pack.


    Just finished another 12 great days in Aruba. Lots of rest and relaxation.
    Had a great couple of nights at EL Gaucho and Garufa's across the street later that night. For those looking for fantastic live music scene try Garufa's...highly recommend!
    We stay at LaCabana and lobby is coming along and should be open very soon. They were taking down some of the closures at the front entrance when we left yesterday.

    Ling & Sons good for food shopping and big selection. Especially like the bakery.
    Smokey Joe's very good ribs.
    Iguana Joes very good Maji Maji.
    Dushi Bagels very good burgers.

    One place we tried I hope will succeed is Mamuri's over by the Tropicana (old Key Largo Restaurant). Large meals and prices were very good, service was excellent, clean and inviting.

    Beach was a bit windy and rained a few days but better to be in Aruba in the rain than home or work.
    Unfortunately there are some who are greedy and find it necessary to take two or three huts in the morning. I say one person one hut. Though security was ontop of those leaving a bag and not coming back for more than two hours. Bag was lifted and hut became open. Nice to see that the regulations are enforced.

    Lastly, My wife and I were a bit upset when we arrived home. I accidentally left a watch I bought in Aruba in our checked luggage. My fault as I should have taken with me in carry-on. Pure stupidity on my part.
    Magically the watched disappeared, box and recp't with paper work was still inside. I've heard of this happening but you never think it will happen to you.
    Please be careful when packing valuables in checked luggage. It is too risky.


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    That's horrible! It's hard to believe that people will do that. I wonder if you can file a "lost" claim with the airline. I'd give it a shot. Sorry that happened to you; what a violation. Good luck.

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    I feel your pain and when I say that I mean it in a literal sense.

    I too put a digital camera in my checked baggage once.Yup it was gone when I got home.After phone calls etc.......NG I was out one nice camera.Lesson learned and trust me it won't happen again.
    Don't know where it happened or when but it did happen.The worst part is that if who ever took the camera had just left the SD card in the suitcase so I didn't lose all my vacation pics,I wouldn't have felt that bad.but as I said it won't happen again.

    P.S. the bright side is that I have had to keep going back to take more pics!!

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    Glad the vacation was great but the ending stinks...

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    that is terrible :-(

    can u file a claim using your trip insurance?
    your homeowners insurance?

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