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Thread: Ways to Save on Airline Tickets???

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    Ways to Save on Airline Tickets???

    I came across this today. it had some good little tips to try to save for booking airline flights.

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    Thx I tried just now but site is down. Will come back to it

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    Hi I have a Continental airline ticket from houston to aruba. I bought it for a friend that i invited over, but she cancelled on me 2 days before and wanted me to go instead but as i had a lot of projects to be completed here and couldnt go she wont speak to me anymore. It was an e-ticket that i bought with a credit card they didnt give me my money back and just gave me the ticket so i could change the users name instead. Its good until July 21 2012. If you have have any offer or interest to buy it or if u know how i could get at least part of my money back from the airline it would be highly appreciated.
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    I thought with airlines you couldnt do name changes.?

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