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Thread: What to expect at the airport

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    What to expect at the airport

    Since this is the first time I am ever travelling on an airplane I would like to know what to expect when I arrive at the airport. Literally every single step, because I am totally clueless about where to go, what items to put where, what moniters to look at, ect.

    I will be travelling with Delta airlines from Toronto, to Atlanta, then to Aruba (Divi villiage golf and beach resort). We are flying coach. Our departure time is 6:30 a.m.

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    Sorry I cannot help you with departure from Canada

    But when departing from Aruba, assuming you will be again flying through Atlanta, you will find this information below useful. scroll down to the bottom of the page to "Airport Notes"

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    First you need to be at they airport early by 4:00 am .Do you have a connection is very easy just ask someone next to you we help you .I know I was Atlanta and i speak french with my famely and a Canadien was thinking I was going to Montreal. .I notice he falling us and i asking him where are you going he said Montreal I am not going to Montreal I am going to Maine .I show him where to go .....Don't do that ask .....They airport is very well indicated .read the direction .You will love Aruba
    good luck ginette

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