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Thread: why are flights to aruba so expensive?

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    The $100 or more in departure taxes for Aruba add to the price of that ticket. Other islands are lower in fees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnyda View Post
    The $100 or more in departure taxes for Aruba add to the price of that ticket. Other islands are lower in fees.
    "The departure tax for Aruba is US $36.75 to the USA (It is usually included in the purchased airline ticket). For all other destinations, the departure tax is US $33.50."

    Imo, pricing is supply and demand. You can fly to Aruba from many other places in the states cheaper than you can from Atlanta. In Atlanta, Delta was the only air carrier flying non-stop.

    When Air Tran offered their introductory air fare pricing for their Saturday only non-stop flights which commenced 12/19, Delta matched pricing. Post sale, the fare on Delta returned to it's customary $550 - $620 range.

    Air Tran right now off season is $426 roundtrip. Downside, can only fly Saturday to Saturday. 7 night for our family is just not enough time on the island, 14 nights hotel is just a bit too expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fattypatty View Post
    but surely the islands are as popular as aruba is. no? i just can't understand why they're so much more expensive. paying $500+ is a lot, considering the room rates are also on the higher end compared to the other islands. i guess that's why aruba is so safe - everyone visiting is somewhat wealthy per se.
    Aruba has fairly inelastic demand compared to a lot of other islands, hence the higher price. It is the most re-visited island in the Caribbean, people come back year after year. If the airlines were having problems filling seats you would see lower prices to stimulate the market.

    The income levels of the visitors isn't even remotely relevant, as wealth will frequently attract/create a local criminal element.

    All of that said, $500 isn't bad for 4000 miles of flying (NYC - Aruba) a lot of people spend close to that per night for their hotels.
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    Wow.... you folks are complaining about $500+, and my Lady and I just booked for a week, and you know, you got it pretty good at the prices you're getting.
    Don't let the idea that you're from the Northeast make any difference in your pricing. We just laid out over 2G each.... so when does it get inexpensive?
    Granted, we are talking AI and not flight only, however, flight only is still over 1G.

    We have the option, as anyone does, of putting together our own little package through one of the online travel sites like expedia, but that adds up even more.
    We have the option of 2, count 'em, 2 agencies that supply packages to Aruba, and needless to say, the one we didn't go with was considerably more pricey.

    Why is it so much more expensive? Who knows?
    Not really... anyone can go as long as you can scrape up the cash to get there.

    We wish it were less expensive as well (who wouldn't?) but I guess it makes the trip all the more worth while... something to really strive for.

    Or, we could just go someplace else, less expensive, less (perhaps) enjoyable.

    Happy New Year folks....
    Mr. Ratt
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    Aruba.... sometime in 2017, unless that lottery ticket hits.

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