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Thread: Will the airport be busy for a 5:45pm flight on a Monday afternoon, non-holiday wknd?

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    It is a shame to waste time unnecessarily at the airport when you've allowed the recommended 3 hours before your flight and sail through the checkpoints in 20 minutes.

    It's also a shame if you haven't allowed three hours and there is an unexpected problem at the airport delaying your processing through and you miss your flight as a result.

    I guess you could just flip a coin...

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    so, you did not have to go to ticketing area at all?
    your first stop was aruba immigration?
    Quote Originally Posted by travelove View Post
    Thanks for all of the advice. Just to share my experience - we got through on a Monday afternoon in less than 20 minutes. We have global entry, but in general all the lines looked short. We arrived at the airport about 1 hr 45 minutes prior to our flight, and I would have hated to have gone any earlier! We enjoyed all of our extra time in the sun! I know it may not be the same experience for everyone, but if you're going at a slower day or time, I encourage you to enjoy most of your vacation outside the airport. (Also note - some folks told me I would have to go to the airline desk to "check in" before proceeding to aruba immigration, even though I was not checking bags and had already printed out my boarding pass at the hotel. This is not true- you can go directly to aruba security in this instance. But that shortcut actually didn't save too much extra time, as the check in hall was completely deserted.)

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    Yep - just walked up to aruba immigration where the man was sitting just outside the immigration building. He checked our passports and online printed boarding passes and sent us along...

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    that's what we do, too. we have our printed boarding passes, no luggage to check and just head straight to the aruba immigration. we never go in the terminal to the ticket counters.

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