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Thread: Advice greatly appreciated, experience moving from USA

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    Advice greatly appreciated, experience moving from USA

    I visited Aruba about 4 years ago and in 3 or 4 days I absolutely fell in love with the people, the places, the culture. I want to move there but it seems harder than I thought. I'll be spending the next year saving money and also reading these forums as much as possible. I would like experiences from other Americans that relocated and how they did it, and how the process went. Right now I'm a retail manager, but I also have experience in Insurance/financial services industry. I'd be willing to work in a major hotel chain and move into management there if that were possible. I hope to make good friends here in the forum and I should be in Aruba as soon as I can.

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    I think your first step is to see if you could get a job at a hotel. That would make your move here much easier because they would handle your worker's permit and would probably offer housing assistance.

    As for moving here. I love living in Aruba. Unfortunately due to my parent's ill heath, I am forced to have to move back to the US. We are very heartbroken about this and if were up to us, we'd live here forever.

    But like I said before - see what opening are there for you at the hotel. It's your best bet to getting a work permit here. If you just come here w/o a job - it's much harder because they have to give Arubans a priority for job placement. Also most jobs that are directly dealing with the public requires that you speak (all or some) English, Papimento, Dutch and Spanish.

    Good luck!

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    FAQ's: Jobs/Moving/Living/Business in Aruba

    many of your questions can be answered by reading this thread


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