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Thread: American Looking to Live in Aruba

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    American Looking to Live in Aruba


    I have been traveling to Aruba for many years and it's getting to be very expensive to go down for a week or 2 every couple of months. I'm wondering if there is a more economical way to spend time down there?

    I would ideally love to move, but I know there are restrictions with the jobs. I currently work for IBM as a consultant and I work remotely all of the time so logistically it's possible, I don't know the legalities of keeping my same job and moving to another country? I know IBM does have an office there. Anyone know anything about that or where to start investigating?

    The other option is another home there to split my time between. How many days can you stay in Aruba out of the year before you have to have tax implications? And is it cost effective to rent for 6 months? Does anyone know what other people do to spend the most time on the island?

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    FAQ's: Jobs/Moving/Living/Business in Aruba

    i would contact your employer and find out if you could transfer there.

    read the thread (link) above and you may be able to get more info.

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