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Thread: Aruba Cable & Internet Service Package

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    Aruba Cable & Internet Service Package

    Does anyone know the price of getting a package from Aruba cable that includes internet & basic analog cable? I went to their website and it is unclear on their pricing on a package deal.

    I will be closing on my home next month and this information would really help.


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    My swimming pool with a 7/7 or in my boat with a fishing rod looking in at Malmok.
    I got tv and Internet from them at my Aruba house and it works fine.

    Your basic cable package is 58 florins/month.. Full package is 105 florins/month. Installation is only 45 florins.

    Standard Internet is 99 florins per month 2.048 down but only 192 up.
    Installation is 250 florins +125-250 florins for the modem.

    You go to their office with proof of ownership of your property from the notary and ID and take a number and wait in line.
    For me it only took around and hour, but hear of horrorstories of people waiting in line for several hours, but why hurry .
    There is a wait to get the installation done, so maybe you should call them to book a installation time in advance. They will not normally do this, but friendliness, will get you a long way in Aruba.

    We got our house in April, been there 5 times since, and go back in a few days for Christmas and New Year. We got the biggest cable tv package, but to be honest we very rarely watch tv when in Aruba, so that was probably overkill. But the cable tv company can definately be recommended.
    Good luck and congrats with the house.

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