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Thread: Aruba good for pre-school children?

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    Aruba good for pre-school children?

    Hi, we are considering a move for 6 months + to Aruba. Does anyone know if it's a good place to be with preschool children? Are there good places to take them or meetups with other mums & preschoolers? We have a 3yo and a baby who'll be one tomorrow. Is there anything else we should know? We live in Scotland just now and like going out exploring once a week.

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    Check out this one...

    I have visited this school and I really like it. They have a wait list if you are interested.


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    my dentist's daughter goes to this preschool and the child is thriving and the parents are very very pleased.

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    There is also a group called the International Friends of Aruba. It has a group
    of ex-pat women with kids and have 'meet ups' all the time.

    Here is their website:

    I personally think Aruba is a great place for kids. They can run
    and play without a lot of the worries that are in the EU and States.
    If I had moved here earlier in life, I would have had kids here.

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