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Thread: Aruba import tax/duties

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    Aruba import tax/duties

    Does anyone happen to know where i can get information on the duties one has to pay for importing items to Aruba? I am planning to ship a container over , but i am worried that the tax will be high on certain goods, like electrical, i.e cooker/fridge/small electrical items? Furniture? wood flooring/tiles, bathroom sink/toilet?
    Has anyone encountered very high duties on particular items?

    Thank you for any responses!!

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    13,144"Updated April, 2008
    Please note: The information on this page is intended as a guide and NOT as a complete or definitive resource. The information on this page should not be used as an authoritative reference

    Whenever goods are being imported to Aruba import-duties can be levied. In case of moving ones residence from abroad to Aruba household effects may be entered under a duty-free exemption."

    According to d=57
    "Exporting to Aruba
    Import duty and Excise: The median value of import duties is 12%. The primary necessities of life fall in the category of 0% and 12%. Luxury goods are subjected to higher import duties. Aruba permits duty-free entry of raw materials for manufacturing industries. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages, tobacco and products thereof and products of mineral oils are subjected to excise duty. For more information on import duty and excise contact: Inspectie der Invoerrecten en Accijnzen. Phone: +297 5821800, Fax: +297 5837164, E-mail: "

    When I did a search on Aruba Customs the one department which was mentioned was D.I.N.A., perhaps they handle Customs and duties as well.

    The Ministry of Justice (Department of Immigration and Naturalization D.I.N.A.)
    Address: Vondellaan 6-D
    Telephone 297 8 28500 /858592
    Fax 297 8 58593

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    I'll be on-island in July and will be tallying up the duties I paid on this last shipment. There's always a difference between what I'm told and what it turns out to be. Sometimes better sometimes worse. They do have a printed duty schedule but... well... sometimes I think it is ignored.
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    Thanks.... ill need to look into the duty free container if moving abroad , this sounds wonderful!

    If i have more info on the list i will see if i can clarify that a bit more on here later .


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