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Thread: Arubabank Increases Non Resident Account Charges to $35 per Month

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquaman View Post
    Yesterday I visited ArubaBank to discuss this. Yes indeed there is an increase. How much seems to depend on the type of account and the demonination...florins/Euros/Dollars. My account is in Florins. The manager double checked the increase for me and advised that the amount will now be 35Afl....not $35US. A local resident pays 5Afl for this same account type. We also have to pay a fee of 1.3% on deposits made by Wire transfer.
    Not good. They're going to lose all the non-resident business. Did they offer you any incentive to stay? Are you at Hato? We ended up walking out of there as the customer service was abysmal.

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    the best oxymoron of the century........"customer service"

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    RBC Aruba charges me $15.00 per month, for a non interest bearing, non resident Dollar Account. In addition I get charged 1% or $10.00 minimum for every deposit made. Then I get charged a small amount for "standing orders" to pay the utilities, condo fees etc. In spite of this, having an account is FAR cheaper than hiring a property manager, to pay the bills.

    I looked into a Florin Account but it's not worth it. They charge 1.3% Tax on all deposits. BTW, All residents/citizens pay 1.3% tax on deposits made into a bank account. In addition if you ever have to wire transfer money to Aruba, the Dollar to Florin exchange rate is VERY bad. They take like 1/3!

    For US Residents, stick with a Dollar Account.
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    Any Banks you recomend ?

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    best bank is Capital One Master Card.They do not charge foreign fees and you could pay a year worth of bills ahead.

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