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Thread: Blackberry Cell Phone messaging

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    Blackberry Cell Phone messaging

    I feel a little stupid asking this question, but I figure if anyone knew, this would be the place

    Sometimes I have rented a cell phone while I'm in Aruba to avoid the international roaming costs.

    However, does anyone have a blackberry? My question is if I am at home in the US and my friends in Aruba use blackberry messenger to message me, do they get charged roaming charges? And vice versa when I message them? I thought since we were both where our calling and data plans are, we would not get the additional international charges. Is this correct?

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    check out this thread posted above.

    it might have some info for you.

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    You should not have any extra charges. BlackBerry messenger works over the BIS (blackberry internet service). As long as you are both connected to the internet where ever you are, you should not have any charges to send and receive BB messages. Just think of a BB msg the exact same thing as an Instant Message with Google, or AIM, or Skype.

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