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Thread: Buying a Secondhand Car in Aruba

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    Buying a Secondhand Car in Aruba

    Does anyone have any information about buying a secondhand vehicle in Aruba and the procedure for registration and insurance. I have heard of a car tax how does that work and when does it have to be paid?


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    ***** Note: This car is sold *******

    I have a forrester for sale

    riginal owner
    1998 Forester
    All wheel drive - 5 speed manual
    86,000 miles / 138,400 kilometers
    Well maintained - recent work includes
    New cooling system - replaced timing belt also at that time
    New battery, tires and wiper blades (less that 1 year old)
    Air conditioning, Pioneer stereo, alloy wheels and full size spare tire
    Air bags
    Power windows and mirrors

    Asking AWG 6,500 and will negotiate.
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    Hi Liz

    Can you remember how much the annual insurance premium was and what it covers?


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    Basically for a car - there is no 'sales tax' when buying a used car.
    The best way to do it is just transfer your license plate at the SIA
    building with the new owner.

    You have to pay for your license plate (which prob. has some tax
    part in it) and insurance is pretty low if you can supply a letter from
    your previous/current car insurance stating the last time you were
    in an accident . Our premium was pretty low compared to the US.
    We had the same coverage as we would in the US.

    I'm can't really quote you the amount and i'm sure it depends
    on the car you have. Like a BMW would prob. have a higher
    insurance rate than an toyota.

    Our car insurance company was across the street from the old
    tax building in town and started with a "B" - can't remember
    the name off hand but we were happy with them.
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    Boogart, it's still in the same location.

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