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Thread: Buying from Tierra Del Sol

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    What was the specified completion date that was in your contract? Sounds like a really long time for construction of a condo.

    Good luck. It is an excellent area next to the nicest beaches in Aruba...


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    I think TDS fired the original builder of your condo complex. Then they went with another builder. I think you got caught in the builder "game" where they put 2 guys on the project until they get fired. Dutch law protects the builders but not the homeowner! We went through something very similar but ended up keeping the builder because otherwise I would have to wait 6 months until the courts dismantled the contract before I could hire a new builder!!! As it ended up, it took 3 years to complete.

    Someone said the homeowners in your complex were filing a class action suit against the original builder and TDS. I don't think that happened but I do know a group of your fellow las palmas neighbors put pressure on TDS. Why don't you ask TDS about THAT? Do you think they would get yours finished any sooner if you did?

    Good luck!

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    I have heard that TDS is totally concentrating only on their new timeshare complex and has stranded other projects from an owner there. Not a lot of happy people there...

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