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Thread: Can you recommend landscaping services?

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    Question Can you recommend landscaping services?

    Looking for some reliable professionals to work on my patio. Stamped concrete work, shrubs, cacti, may be a small palm. Who did you have great experience with? Thanks!

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    I can highly recommend using Marit Solberg Rustad of Cayena Gardens.

    He did my entire landscaping project for our new home. The project included:

    Stamped concrete walkway, palm tress, plants, cactus gardens, crushed stone for the entire property, irrigation system, etc.

    You can view some photos here

    If you need to contact him, let me know and I will give you his contact information.


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    My swimming pool with a 7/7 or in my boat with a fishing rod looking in at Malmok.

    Thumbs up

    We use a couple (husband/wife) that do landscaping, gardening, building etc.
    We are very happy with what they did on our property and their prices are way below most others.
    PM me if you want their information.


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    Make sure you get someone who can speak English - not just nod and smile

    We also use a lovely lady who knows how to do landscaping and taking care of plants. Beware most of the landscapers don't know how to prune - they just
    "Chop" - and also are not really great at how to take care of yards - a lot of them just use the water (which can be costly) like crazy but don't do it smartly.

    If you want to know the person who does it and also will take care of your house (clean it once a month, air it out) and check it on a regular basis -
    PM me

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    We live in Surfside Villas and we have someone who did our landscaping and he also checks our house when we are away. He puts in our patio furniture whe we leave puts it back out when we come back and he also has our house cleaned. He's done alot of work in the neighborhood and everyone is happy with him. His phone number is 592-6166 and his name is Eddy Riveira.

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