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Thread: Concrete patios

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    Concrete patios

    I can highly recommend Bomanite for concrete patio work. This outfit is based in Savaneta and they install the stamped and colored concrete you see at many places around the island.

    Well, the shack needed major exterior improvement and I hired them to create a simple patio area along the side and front of the shack. Ended up with 100+ square meters (1,000+) square feet. Turned out quite nice.

    Working with the crew was fun. I learned some more Spanish, got some exercise, and learned some things about concrete finishing.

    So, if you have shack in progress and require this type of work. I suggest you try this outfit.

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    We used Bomacron in Piedra Plat to pour our stamped concrete patio last November. They were recommended to us by friends and they did a wonderful job! These concrete patios are great - they have the look of pavers but at a much lower price tag. We're very pleased.

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    We used the company from Savaneta to.
    Funny story with them. I had the owner come out to my house twice.
    1st time the contractor was there the 2nd time the contractor was complete with building our home so he was not there.
    I do not speak Spanish. Well the contractor got to the Bomanite person 1st out at the street and was looking for credit of having him come to my house. Which was not the case. I had been to his shop and wrote down my address. His price was high as my brother in law had all the measurements for Sq meters needed. The owner of the Bomanite Co. came up with a much larger figure.
    the second time wth no contractor around there was an appreciable price drop. As he was closer in line with our measurements Hired him and they did a great job. Probably one of the best organized group that has worked at our house.
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    They did my Bomanite about 7 or 8 years ago and it still looks great. We have had it sealed a couple of times but no cracks at all.

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