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Thread: Condo Vs House

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    Condo Vs House

    Hey folks, like many of you my wife & I have been travelling to aruba for many years now and have considered purchasing a vacation property down there. Any thoughts on a condo vs an actual house...I've heard stories of people who have bought a house only to see huge water bills why they were away...finally figured out people were siphoning off their water while away!! Would love to hear from folks who have purchased.....

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    I can't give you any advise on the subject - that is a personal decision.
    But I will give you the advise to research research research....

    Some of the condo projects are not doing so well in sales - there
    might be the possibility of them going bankrupt. The projects
    across from Senior Frogs went belly up and some of the condo
    projects have virtually stopped construction. Someone had
    just posted about problems with the project by the Marriott.
    (article can be provided)

    If you are thinking of living here or using it as a rental when you
    are gone - you will still need some kind of property manager
    to check out your home. I know people that have both condos
    and houses here and end up spending a lot of the "vacation" time
    doing "house" stuff.

    You have to do a lot of thinking - looking into taxes, fees, maintence
    and then decide what you want to do.

    I know Rene at Century 21 is really good - he will take you thru
    every step - including the part to get your utilities transferred (which is
    really fun) to the fact that when you buy a house you are litterally
    just buying the house - not the ACs, etc - and these must be written
    into the contract. If you would like his contact info - feel free to
    PM me.

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    Hi Lizzardo...thanks for the reply. All good things to consider..sounds like cottage ownership here in Canada...always work to be done when you're supposed to be relaxing! LOL

    In any case, I think you are right..this will require a lot of research and having someone like Rene would be very helpful.

    Well, until we get to that point we'll continue to enjoy our trips at our favorite resorts and dream of the day when we can escape Canadian winters.

    Pasa un bon dia

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