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Thread: Considering Aruba as new place of residence

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    Considering Aruba as new place of residence

    I have read a few of the posts and understand there are some work permits necessary to work in Aruba. I also understand there are some permits needed for opening a business in Aruba.

    I have an existing internet based business and would like to change where I reside (from US to Aruba). My business is not based in Aruba nor does my business have any Arubian customers, it's primarily US.

    So my questions to the experts here are....

    a) Do I still need a work permit ?

    b) Do I still need to register my business in Aruba?

    c) Is there anything else I may need to do, or need to consider ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Technically since you are working in Aruba, you are subject to
    Aruban laws.

    I would contact an aruban lawyer about this. It would be
    well worth it to get advise from someone who is an 'expert' on

    I could give you advise but you are better off getting a lawyer who
    is current and up to date on the laws.

    Think of it as the opposite situation - you are a non-US citizen
    trying to move to the US.... I think it's not as complicated
    as US laws but you would want to get professional advise.

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    Any advice?

    Thank you for the quick reply. And yes you are correct, a lawyer would be the best expert to ask. Do you or any other business owner in this forum have a lawyer to reccomend?

    Again, thanks.

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