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Thread: Dutch lawyer relocating?

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    Dutch lawyer relocating?

    Hello everyone. A little about myself. I am British and will soon be undertaking a law degree in the Netherlands. Whereby i will receive a degree in European Law with Dutch Civil affect ( which allows you to work as a lawyer in the Netherlands.) I will also be gaining a Masters in Tax Law.

    English is my primary language, but i can also speak Dutch. My question is related to job opportunities. Would i find it easy to find a job in Aruba or even any of the other surrounding islands. Also what are the wages/salaries like for Lawyers in Aruba. The most important thing i need to know however is just how accessible it is to land a job as a lawyer in Aruba.

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    hi george welcome to the community forum

    jobs/residency are not easy to come by in aruba

    here is a link to jobs and residency

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