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Thread: English People who have Bought Homes in Aruba

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    English People who have Bought Homes in Aruba

    Can anyone who has bought a home in Aruba,give me some advice,,, on procedure with Notary, getting mortgage with bank etc

    We are coming over hopefully in first week in August to buy our home.

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    Financing in Aruba is expensive for non-residents. You have to establish a bank relationship which can take a few weeks.

    Are you planning on applying for residency (I.e. Are you moving to Aruba to live there year round)? That can be a multi year process. Or are you buying the home as an investment property that you'll rent out?

    Are you using a real estate agent? A good one will advise you on how to navigate buying a home.

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    Hi, We are buying to rent out for 1 year, ten hopefully live in Aruba. Our friend Jan Falcone is our agent. We are hoping to use Johnson and Johnson Notary, I have herd they are helpfull and friendly. I understand between paying tax and notary fees, i can expect to pay around 6% of the house price, we buy for.... ????

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    Are you still looking for a house in Aruba?

    Yes, Johnson is a family friend of ours and we are a client of his, he is very helpful and friendly indeed! You can always contact him at!contact/cce3 for any questions you have.

    BTW There are also some very good Aruba Real Estate websites with information about the procedure with a notary, getting a mortgage, and all the FAQs.
    Also to search for any listings etc. Hope this helps and good luck finding your new home

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