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Thread: Event planning jobs

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    Event planning jobs

    I would like very much to move and find work in Aruba. I'm very interested in event planning, wedding planning, tour planning etc, anything that has to do with people and planning their activities.
    I thought about looking into working in a hotel.
    Any ideas on this?

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    Not sure which country you're from or your language skills but read this info first regarding working in Aruba: Relocation to Aruba
    "Temporary or Permanent Work Permit
    Any foreigner who wants to exercise a profession/occupation must have a work permit to do so. The work permit will normally be granted only if there are no qualified persons locally available. In general, requests for work permits will only be taken into consideration if submitted through a local employer, who has to accept full responsibility for any possible expenses to be incurred by the government relative to its employees. For a trainee position or internship a special work permit is required.

    With the exception of tourists, all other foreigners should have a permit document to prove their legal presence on the island. This means that one (unless a tourist) should not travel to or be on the island pending a request for a residence and/or work permit." Jobs in Aruba
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    I'm from Suriname, so I speak Dutch fluently. English is no problem for me, I can understand and speak Spanish a little.
    I was thinking of trying at the hotels, looking for jobs planning weddings etc. I know it won't be easy, and there is a lot of red tape. But if you want something you go for it right.

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