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Thread: FAQ's: Jobs/Moving/Living/Business in Aruba

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    job in aruba

    my name is malina chiru, i am 27 yrs old and i live in romania.i need a ob in aruba, in orangestad if possible, asap, cause i have to move next year in i work as a segment manager in a hypermarket, and, as studies, i finished tourism and services faculty.i speak fluent english, french and spanish, and i know a little italian.for the beginning, i would accept any job, i am an ambitious person and working also...but i really need little help to get a ob in here matter if i work as a dishwasher or as a house maid.
    thank u very much, and i wait for any information that could help me getting in touch with an employer

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    check out the first post on this thread
    lisa made this post many moons ago.

    a non aruban or dutch national will have great difficulty obtaining employment.
    FAQ's: Jobs/Moving/Living/Business in Aruba Permanent Residency Relocation to Aruba
    "Temporary or Permanent Work Permit
    Any foreigner who wants to exercise a profession/occupation must have a work permit to do so. The work permit will normally be granted only if there are no qualified persons locally available. In general, requests for work permits will only be taken into consideration if submitted through a local employer, who has to accept full responsibility for any possible expenses to be incurred by the government relative to its employees. For a trainee position or internship a special work permit is required.

    With the exception of tourists, all other foreigners should have a permit document to prove their legal presence on the island. This means that one (unless a tourist) should not travel to or be on the island pending a request for a residence and/or work permit." Jobs in Aruba Moving to Aruba Opening a bank account in Aruba Shipping A Car to Aruba Establishing a Business in Aruba
    See details regarding "authorized capital" or "so-called minimum issued capital." Helpful Tips for Entrepreneurs
    "Permits to Establish a Business:
    As an Aruban you do not need a permit to establish a business in Aruba, when it concerns a sole proprietorship. You still need to register your business in the Commercial Register at the Chamber. If you are not an Aruban born Dutch national, you always need a permit to establish a business. Whether you will receive a permit depends on what sort of business you intend to start. The main criteria are if the business provides enlargement of the economic basis and if it is capital intensive."

    Additional resources: Centrale Bank van Aruba (Aruba's Central Bank) Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aruba Caribbean Accounting & Tax Consultants Departamento di Integracion, Maneho y Admision di Stranhero (DIMAS) Publications Gomez & Bikker Law Offices Business and Environment in Aruba Entry and Residence in Aruba

    Moving to Aruba FAQ
    Aruba Real Estate Services
    Mortgages in Aruba & Requirements
    Relocation to Aruba
    Aruba Real Estate
    Aruba Yellow Pages Online Listings for Real Estate Agents
    Aruba Real Estate - Search Real Estate for Sale in Aruba

    There are some other links to realtor's websites here.

    connecting to electricity/water/cable tv/internet

    Property tax
    Aruba Taxes & Costs
    Liability for Taxation
    Capital Gains

    Water >>
    Electricity >>
    Telephone >>
    Internet Connection >>
    Gas (Cooking) >>
    Cable >>
    DirecTV >>
    Long-lease fee >>
    Property transfer tax >>Real estate property tax >>
    Car taxes >> Tax Deductions >>
    Duties >>
    Notary costs >>
    House insurance >>Household appliances >>
    Retiring in Aruba >>Owning a home in Aruba >>
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    thank u very much, i hope i will soon find any job...

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    are you living in aruba now?

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    Not sure this is the right place to post this but....... when you go to renew your license plate you may no longer use dollars. We used our debit card from CMB.

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    My swimming pool with a 7/7 or in my boat with a fishing rod looking in at Malmok.
    And ONLY local CC's is accepted i.e. Arubabank, CMB etc. (besides cash Florins)

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