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Thread: Flooding in Noord

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    Flooding in Noord

    I have heard from some locals that flooding does occur in some areas of Noord. Once, somewhere near the Salina, they had to canoo out.
    I just wanted to ask , if you had any specific areas that tends to flood?
    I am looking for a place to buy, but definately do not want a place where it floods.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you

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    When I was going to Bingo's last October it was flooded at the Valero Gas Station and I couldn't get through.

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    I don't know what areas may flood, but there are some.

    Be sure when looking at homes in Aruba to check with people in the neighborhood about possible water problems from rain. Also make sure the house is min. 2 feet higher than the road.
    Tom & Karen

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    Great another problem to think about (i have already bought in Noord)

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    if you have a hose in Noord you should smile everyday just daydreaming about it

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    Smile Don't Worry

    we have a house in Ruby (Noord area kindoff I think) very near the salina and haven't had any issues even when it rained for two days solid in June when we were there (unusual for Aruba anytime especially non-rainy season) I remember last year when the news carried a story about flooding in Aruba and it was a typical media report they showed as abandoned car that was sitting in a low spot with water around it and someone downtown walking through ankle deep water.

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