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Thread: Full Time Novelist/Writer

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    Full Time Novelist/Writer

    At the moment in addition to my regular 9 to 5 job I am also working on getting my career as a full time writer off the ground and writing like crazy to complete my stories; both short and long full length novels, to send out to publishers in the hopes of getting published and on the way to my dream career. What I am looking forward to the most about being a successful full time and published writer, apart from setting my own hours and doing something that I always wanted to do and sharing my stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy with the world, is having the flexibility to write/work from anywhere. All that I will need apart from pens, notebooks, laptop and a printer will be access to the internet in order to conduct research or a local library. Which leads to my question, as a full time writer....who will be most likely working from home/residence....will my career be seen as a worthwhile occupation to qualify for residency? Any feedback/info would be most welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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    You would need a residency permit to stay on the island permanently.
    There are income/self-sufficiency requirements.

    Perhaps do a search here in this category for the exact dollar amount on the annual income.

    FAQ's: Jobs/Moving/Living/Business in Aruba

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