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Thread: Gazebo/Palapa

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    I want a gazebo/palapa in my garden. The one with the palmleafs etc.
    Does anyone knows a company name/phone number or location for me?

    Got a phone number of 'Carlos Gazebo' but that doesn't work. Someone told me they where good and have resonably prices.

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    palm beach.downtown
    Randolph Arends
    Living Today Aruba
    "your partner in property mediation"
    Bubali 80, Noord
    Cel: 5939177
    Office: 5879987
    i know he has people doing house care in Aruba.He might know about palapa ordeals

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    Well, I have to agree with yefim8. Randolph has helped us so many times in so many ways. We rented the house we are in from Living Today. He does rental management. He
    will get it done if you need something. Very very honest person. and if he says he'll be there at a certain time he will. Our friends hired him to rent out their house and take care of it while they are off the island and are very pleased.
    Need something call Randolph.

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