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Thread: Good Spanish Teacher???

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    Good Spanish Teacher???

    I know the main language is Papiamento but we will be in Aruba for 7 months and everyone seems to speak Spanish as well. We live in South Florida so, obviously, Spanish would be a good choice. Anyone know of a really good teacher of Spanish Conversation. Not so interested in writing or reading - just speaking.

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    Rosetta Stone

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    I agree with Cindy. Also begin using the Spanish ASAP upon arrival. Practice, practice, practice...

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    If you want a real teacher, you could advertise for one in one or both of the following:

    There might already be one looking for students in one of them.

    Good luck


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    Linda VH,

    I learned a ton of Spanish by eating at the Colombian restaurants and getting to be friends with the waiters/waitresses and others. It's kind of like total immersion. I also used the Rosetta Stone program to fairly good effect. And there's another book called "The Easy Spanish Reader" or something like that. It's kind of like a first-grader book type of thing. Each little story adds more vocabulary and structure, taking you up through the lessons. Combined with "hearing" the language this can work pretty well. Just read it out loud for full effect.

    In the beginning the hardest thing for me was "tuning" my ear to hear where one word ended and another begins. Once you can pick out the words it doesn't all sound like one long rambling batch.


    Good luck and see you around here someday.

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