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Thread: High Speed Internet???

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    Magic Jack

    Hi J&E Aruba or Bust. I undertook a technical evaluation of MagicJack about 6 months ago. As I own a home on the island I decided to take it down and test it there during the evaluation. Interestingly it performed better in Aruba than at several North American locations. The unit was connected via an HP Laptop using Setars DSL service. The clarity was good for both inbound and outbound calls, and no dropped calls were experienced. The only negative is having to have it plugged into a system that has to be powered on all the time, but that is no big issue. For the price, MagicJack offers value when calling from Aruba to NA. At our office we also have other VOIP systems installed. These offer portability to different countries where you can receive and send calls as "local" calls, but these systems tend to be priceier than the MagicJack. For approx an annual $40 cost I think it is good value. A word of warning though. If you are going to take one of these units with you, be sure to install and thoroughly test it before you leave. In our testing process we uncovered several issues. These were primarily incompatabilities related toRoxio and some other multimedia packages that prevented the unit from either working at all or crashing. These issues were confirmed in subsequent discussions with their tech support


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    Talking Update on Setar offer

    I went to Cable TV today and wanted to know why they could not match Setars offer on 4MB/256K for 99 florins since they are on the same backbone.
    Setar has bought Cable TV, and just this week they have upgraded their 2MB/196K customers to 4MB/256K.
    It all happens automatically, so everyone who has CableNet like me just doubled their download speed for no extra cost.
    At 99 afl it is still expensive compared to other parts of the world, but considering we are on an Island it is not bad at all (if we try to forget that Aruba is the landing for the PAN-AM submarine telecommunications cable system, which should give much better prices, but now there is no competition at all, so lets be happy for the 4MB ).
    For the interested I can say that I tested the speeds on the new solution tonight and got bad numbers from here to Europe, but from here to Central America I got full pott 4.02 down and 254 K down.


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    Quote Originally Posted by J&E Aruba Or Bust View Post
    Ha, yah Im not saying I want dial up I was asking if it was slow like dial up ha. Thank you schnauzerjoy for the info let me know if you find any other great deals. Also I have heard from people here in the USA that you can bring Vonage or that new Magic jack thing to the island and be able to talk to USA with that, anyone know if that is true?
    I am going to be on Vacation in Aruba in 2 weeks. I have Vonage and I love it. I also have Magic jack. I am not impressed with Magic Jack, i found there to be a horrible lag with it, and call quality was not good for me.

    Vonage on the other hand I love......

    I have what they call Vonage Companion which installs on my laptop. So when I go on vacation my home phone number travels with me on my laptop. Just plug in headset and I am good to go.

    Yes Magic Jack is only like $40 a year vs the Vonage $24.99 a month. I pay $34.99 a month to get the Vonage Companion free along with Voicemail to Text (which works amazingly almost perfect, most of the time).
    Decided to take down my timer!

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    So, there is only one cable company there?

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    Basically yes - it is called Setar - you can get DSL or cable.
    Remember this is a small island so competition for services
    is not like the US. There are only 2 phone providers here -
    Setar and digicel.

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