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    Are there any Palm Tree experts out there ?

    Need to know if planting a palm seedling, about 1 or 2 years old, can the hole be small when planting? Or still big?
    Also, can the Archontophoenix Purpurea and the Carpoxylon Macrospermum survive in Aruba?
    Also, is Mango, Elderberry, Blueberry plants easily available?

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    I'm certainly not an expert but when planting any plant or tree, make sure that there is enough room for it to grow. i.e. don't plant it too near the house. The King Palm for example grows really big. I believe that the roots of palm trees are quite near the surface. The ground in Aruba is mainly coral so it's impossible to dig a BIG hole. You may have to get a commercial drill in to make the hole in the coral.
    Mango trees are readily available and grow well but the other fruits you mention are lovers of cooler weather I believe. Avocado, bananas and citrus trees grow well too. A lesson I have learned is to look and see what is growing in your neighbours' gardens rather than trying to grow what you grow "at home". I have never had any trouble getting herbs to germinate but do you think I could get them to germinate in Aruba. Also, visit the nurseries on the Island (Fantastic Gardens, Flora Market). The staff are very helpful.
    Any plant needs a lot of water until it gets established. Even after it's established it will need to be watered every other day. Unlike in North America, you can't water deep as there is no depth of soil anywhere.
    Hope this helps. Good luck,

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    Fruit trees require a ton of water and a good drip irrigation system.
    Avocados need a ton more water than other fruits and grow
    really large.

    We have successfully grown mangos and know others who have grown
    oranges, lemons and cashews. Dwarf varieties (such as tiny lemons
    which are great) do better because they need less water.

    We actually took a coconut and stuck it into the ground and now
    have a small tree growing.

    I think the basic thing about how large a plant will grow has to
    do with the amount of water and fertilizer you give it. There are
    some fast growing palm tree varieties out there. Also pruning
    has a lot to do with if some of these plants will be tall verses

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