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Thread: Looking for domestic help

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    Looking for domestic help

    My wife and I have a home in Aruba. We are looking to employ someone who could live in , provide housekeeping services and remain on the property in our absence. We are from US so speaking English would be desirable. Obviously would need to be trustworthy and provide excellent references. Any ideas as to how one could begin to find someone to meet this need. Any suggestions would be appreciated? Thanks.

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    Cigar, the problem you are going to have is the person has to be already an aruban resident or apply for residency which is complicated and timely. Unemployment on the island is not very high for the legal workers with documents who have many choices of work. If you are a permanent resident you maybe able to sponsor someone to come to the island in which I know someone who has very trustworthy family members who are live-in housekeepers and nanny's that have other family members looking for situations like this. The problem is the paperwork is timely and costly. If interested pm and I will have one of the sisters contact you on the island when you are there.

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    I had a live in mail and as a resident I was able to get papers for her.
    But if you are not a resident - i'm not sure how it works. I would
    guess it is a little more complicated.

    I'll PM you with someone who I have used in the past who might be interested.

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