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Thread: MGENESTRA has a question about jobs in aruba

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    MGENESTRA has a question about jobs in aruba


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    Oh okay, great. I just got back from Aruba a week and half ago but I just love it there so much I would love to come back again in 6 months. I would actually love to move to Aruba but I'm not sure if I could find a job there. Is there a websites or newspaper where they post jobs in Aruba do you know?

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    You could pick up the local papers when you are here like the Diario but it is not an english publication. Know nothing about an on line resource for jobs. Remember 1st pick is an Aruban then if they can prove they can't find one for the job then goes to other nationalities.

    Most jobs require you to speak papimento, dutch, english and spanish.

    You might look at the resort's websites for jobs....

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