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Thread: Moving to Aruba

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    Moving to Aruba

    Hello all:
    My husband works for Valero and may be transferred to the Aruba refinery in the next 3 months for a 3 year assignment.

    We are in our late twenties, married, educated, etc. I've never been to Aruba. I am wondering about absolutely everything:

    what is the cost of living? are there things for non tourists to do? What type of cable T.V. service is there in regular residences? Is there internet, or do you have to go to an internet cafe? How much does that cost? We love to cook as well as eat out. How are the grocery stores? How are the restaurants? How is the mail system? Slow? Regular? (We live on the east cost in the U.S.)...Will I have to buy lots of things online in terms of clothes, books, specialty makeup???

    The list goes on and on and on....Sorry for the barrage of questions.
    Any an all info would be greatly appreciated.

    Paige from Delaware

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    Re: Moving to Aruba

    Paige - Everything you have asked is around here and other sites - ... to name a few. Alot of people would love to be in your shoes.

    I would think that you will Love it their, and want your hubby to stay longer. Best Wishs<BigPapa>

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    Re: Moving to Aruba

    I would suggest that you send me an e-mail with the full set of questions and concerns and I will try to handle as much of it as possible. Also, I woulod encourage youto repeat this posting every so often on different buletin boards and get the maximum exposure to your questions. is a good place to use as a second choice.


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    Re: Moving to Aruba

    All I can say is: Congratulations !

    I'll let the other experts reply officially to your questions.

    You are fortunate and have a great time !

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    Re: Moving to Aruba

    have a blast the only thing is the phone system otherwise computers,grocery stores buying on line why would you aruba has it all even gucci!dont worry its an upscale island its not poverty stricken like the dominican repub.casinos fab restaurants LING&SONS GREAT GROCERY its all good im envious,mostly everyone in aruba has a maid and a computer(ha ha )enjoy&bon bini

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    Teresa Ramirez

    Re: Moving to Aruba

    Don't worry, Aruba is not America, but we have everything, like big and small supermarkets,were you can buy American products, but also oriental, italian oils, pasta cheese etc. all kind of restaurants, our internet sistem is working from ten years ago, we have big an small hotels shopping malls, casinos, clothing, jewellery, shoe etc. etc. stores. We also have a Hospital,and some clinics, Schools, churches of any religion, We also have Banks, ATM machines, and cable and Direct Tv.
    As a non tourist, you can go to the beach, and you can practice your favourite sport, we have tennis bands, we have Gymms, if you like reading we have a library, where you can get books in any language.
    But coming for Valero you maybe living in there campus, I don't know, but there are quite a few of Americans living there so you will make friends and will not be bored.
    I am sure you will be happy here and that you will enjoy your stay.
    Good luck

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    Aruba Maven

    Re: Moving to Aruba

    Hi Paige: That's actually kind of cool if your husband got transferred there temporarily. I can think of worse places to be transferred to!! First of all, Aruba is the nicest of all the Caribbean islands. The people are extremely friendly, crime rate is nil. The cost of living is definitely higher than here, but I am assuming he would be making the same amount of money he makes here which would be fine for there. They have satellite dishes so they get all the channels that we do here. They have internet service. I don't know prices on anything or any utilities. You may be hot at first and use the a/c a lot, but after a while you would love the island breeze and maybe not use the a/c as much. Grocery stores are a little more pricey than east coast. A good restaurant meal with a drink, appetizer, dinner and dessert runs approximately $100-$125. Just like here, there's cheaper places too. I don't know how the mail is. I'm on the east coast too in NJ. I definitely recommend buying a lot online especially if you're into certain brand of clothes and cosmetics because I can never find anything I use there! Maybe just perfume. Any other questions, feel free to ask. Best of luck to you, what a great experience!!!

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    Re: Moving to Aruba

    Congrats on your move! You will love aruba; too many questions for me; when you get there eat at Le Dome! Sunday Brunch is awesome...You may want to run to the bookstore and pick up a book on aruba living for all the information you will need.

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    Re: Moving to Aruba

    Probably by the time you read my message you will receive several related ones. Anyway, if I were you, I'd rent and not make any permanent decisions as in the way of moving. Try Aruba on for size, you and your hubby. You both just may not like it at all on a 24/7, 365 days a year routine.
    Vacationing in Aruba is one thing, but living there is a huge difference.
    A good job elsewhere can be found with, as you mention educated mates. A good man and/or woman is much harder to find! All the best of luck to you both.

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    Re: Moving to Aruba

    One more thing...check out the medical facilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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