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Thread: My house for sale ... Arashi/Malmok

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    My house for sale ... Arashi/Malmok

    Here is an opportunity of a lifetime. I would rather have my friends have the first shot.

    As you know I have been trying to sell my house near Arashi for quite a long time. The market for that neighborhood has been very slow. Due to poor health, my husband and I have drastically decided to entertain offers far below what the house and land are worth. Many of you are familiar with the property but for those of you who aren't, here is a link to the listing. It is right on the main road a stones throw from the lighthouse. Across the street from one of the best beaches. No driving. Lots of storage (which is very important to have). Very private backyard with a designated natural area which will not be built on.

    We finally have some interested parties but for those of you who have always said, "It's beautiful but out of our price range." here is a chance to take a second look as it may be sold for a seriously low price. I would feel so much better if it was someone to from this BB. I am really heartbroken that we might have to sell so low. Our last offer was lower than the price we paid on the house. We would have lost way over 100k USD we put in the house and outside. The outside of our house was just dirt in the side and back yards - that's how much work we did if you have even drove by our house.

    We know this is a really good rental income property as well as our house will be worth so much more in
    a very few years. We just have too much going on with my Dad and other things with our lives.
    I am going to have eye surgery. Waiting for a date right now. Surgeon isn't sure what he will find.
    So I don't know how long I will be offline. I can't stay online much these days anyway.

    We will consider any offer at this point.
    I made so many friends who have supported me all these years with the kitten rescue and also with advice when we were dealing with our tenant. Love you all.
    contact the realtor Rene @ 297 586 4242
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    Best of luck to you with the property... it really is beautiful.

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