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Thread: Property Taxes

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    Property Taxes

    I was wondering if other folks here pay there property taxes through Aruba Bank online services.
    I make through the 1st drop down screen then I don't know which choice I should use. Choices are.
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    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Mr Norman Paperman

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    Hi Norman, we have just paid our prop tax on line a as follows: use option: external transfer, Aruba bank is the bank, the account number is stated on the invoice and the details of payments are also stated in the invoice: I will Quote: Bankrekening nummer: Aruba Bank NV # xxxx / Persoonsnummer: xxxxx / aanslagnummer: xxxx and to be sure also write your name as reference.
    I hope it works. You can also make arrangements to have it paid by direct debit we are going to make the necessary arrangements during our next visit. Best of luck!

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