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Thread: Purchase of car

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    Purchase of car

    We are interested in purchasing a used car but when we went to a garage we were told that we need to have residence permit. Is this information correct? We are building a house and it should be ready by this summer. We were thinking of getting a 4/5 years old car to cut down on car rental charges. Do any of you who own a house in Aruba but do not live there have bought a car? If so from whom and what type?
    Thank you for any info.

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    We own a house in Aruba & have purchased a car with no problems 2 years ago. We do not have a residence permit. Our car is a 2000 Yaris.

    The car has to be inspected by a gov. office. If I remember correctly, I took proof of ownership of house with me. I had no problems insuring it.

    We bought ours from Hans at Tropic Car Rental.
    Tom & Karen

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