Hi everyone!
My name is Jill and I have been a lifelong Bostonian (with the exception of college, when i ventured as far as Amherst, MA). My husband is an electrical contractor who owns his own business in Boston. His company does almost only commercial work. I was a teacher in the Boston Public School system until a two and a half years ago, when i decided to stay home full time and raise my boys, who are now ages 3, 2, and 11 months. We just returned from a week in Aruba (my 4th time) and are seriously considering relocating there.

I have become increasingly disheartened with the direction our country is going in, from the economy to the school systems, to the environment, etc. Living in Boston, i feel like the boys and i spend almost half the year cooped up inside because of the weather. I want more for my kids and have been thinking about moving for awhile (even though all my family and friends are here), and when we were on vacation last week i was talking to some people from the island, and thought, why not here?

I'm looking for any advice about the logistical side of relocating - basically - what do we need to do to get working permits, and primarily what avenue i should take to help my husband find employment? He has his master's electrical license and his class d(?) CDL drivers license (excuse the ignorance, but he used to drive an 18-wheeler and would be HORRIFIED if he knew i wasnt sure of the exact title). He also bartended for many years at night.

With all the new casinos and resorts going up in Aruba, i would imagine there would be a need for electricians, but does anyone know how to search for such a position? Any other advice you could give? Also, i do plan to go back to work eventually, but do you need to be multi-lingual to teach in the Arubian schools? Or does anyone know about teaching inthe international school there?

thanks for the help!