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Thread: Residence in Aruba - Feasibility

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    Residence in Aruba - Feasibility

    Hi Guys,

    Im new here. We have been looking for relocation destinations for a while, and Aruba (And Curacao) has popped up on the Radar thanks to some Dutch friends who highly recommended this place. Now, before spending too much time (and money) I would like to hear some real life experiences with the process of getting permanent residency on Aruba.

    I have read thru the official government website and the details are a bit sketchy. I am aware of the fact that If I were to proceed I should probably retain local legal counsel, but I have a feeling that the people on this wonderful forum can let me know if i have a "chance" or if its just a waste of money on lawyers. I also understand that they start you out on a temporary residency, then after X years upgrade it to permanent.

    Our details are as follows:

    - Citizens of a EU17 country (Denmark) - also part of Schengen. 2 adults 2 kids.
    - No interest in buying real-estate on the island from day 1. Long term - yes.
    - Kids need to go to local schools etc.
    - Plan is to register a local company (have not decided on VOF or N.V but whatever helps our application the most - 2 employees - ourselves)
    - No criminal records or anything of that sort
    - No problem showing the 50.000 (or 100.000) florint annual income, also based on last 5 years tax returns etc.
    - No problem attaining an adress (rent a house for all year residency)

    So... Are we hosed ?



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    welcome to the forum.

    i cannot answer any of your questions.
    many folks here will give you their opinions and how things worked out for them based on their experiences.
    but, you must obtain legal advice....or official advice and guidance from DIMAS.

    have you visited aruba or curacao yet?

    what do you mean......."are we hosed?"

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    I will try DIMAS. Appreciate it.

    Would be nice to hear if anyone else here has tried the immigration process in real life.



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    Everyone who lives in Aruba has a different situation. I lived there until recently for 5 years but as retired. Working and owning a business there is
    rather complicated and varies from everyone's situation. There is
    really no 'black and white' answers to your question. It all depends
    on what you want to start and if it's viable. That is why you should
    really contact an Aruba lawyer for a preliminary discussion based
    on your case.

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    Hey a fellow Dane .

    You got PM, I can give you a ton of relevant info. If you cannot read PM yet, just write it here.


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