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Thread: Responsibility of realitors/attorneys - Tax implications

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    Responsibility of realitors/attorneys - Tax implications

    I have talked to many many people about this taxation situation -
    no one had their real estate agent or lawyer tell them about
    this income taxation - They told about the property tax issues
    but never living on the island even tho they knew we were planning
    on doing so. We even went to an accountant who told us a rose
    color story.

    Is there a code of ethics or full disclosure rules about this in Aruba?
    It's not scamming but by not disclosing this information or at least
    emphasising that people should be aware of taxes and see an
    account..... The lawyer who deals with residency seems not
    to be fully fufilling their duties by not discussing this part of living
    in Aruba.

    It seems to be on the "line" of misleading people who are intending
    on buying here if not to be a resident now - but in the future.
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    try writing because they offer full relocation. If the realtor doesn't give relocation info - and just sells the house and dumps the customer, it isn't the right realtor. If these brokers are selling to outsiders without offering any kind of advice about living here, well what can I say, right?

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