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Thread: second hand car dealer

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    second hand car dealer

    Hi all,

    I will be moving shortly to Aruba and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some reputable second hand car dealers. Any advice about getting a good deal on a second hand car would be much appreciated !

    Thanks !


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    i cannot recommend and dealers, but would recommend that you contact some car rental companies. some of the car rental places sell their rental cars from time to time.

    here's one that might be able to give you information

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    in thanki lendert there is a used car dealer
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    I have a 98 Suburu Forrester for sale. We are the orig. owners and brought it with us from the US. PM me if you're interested

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    where to buy a car

    On the Island, a lot of people park their car for sale in a vacant lot or in a prominent place.

    The car I bought was parked at the Stadium in Noord with a "For Sale" sign. I guess you do run the risk that it may still have a lien on it but I was lucky. I am still in contact with the previous owner. Her boyfriend even came and helped me get it started and put air in the tyres months after I bought it.

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