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Thread: Septic Tank

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    Septic Tank

    My building asked me today if i want my septic tank higher than land or flush with land. I asked if there is any possibility of water going in if it is level and he said no. So why do people then errect their septic tanks higher than their land (looks like a big box in front of the house no? what is the difference?

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    Curious also....

    i am curious if any one has an answer for this myself. Our septick tank in slightly higher than our yard level (maybe 2 feet) and it drives me crazy (short trip) as it looks ugly. Our property manager and my husband have appeased me by saying that we could have the top redone making it level it wouldn't make any difference just make the tank smaller which since we aren't there all the time doesn't matter either. I guess maybe it costs more to dig it deeper. My husband is a rock engineer and the ground in Aruba (depending on your area) is really hard so digging is expensive. Is there a cost difference involved in this decision?

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    These are both loaded questions. Unfortunately, there is no answer without an analysis of the site done by someone who knows what they're doing. There is significant cost involved, so you really need someone trustworthy and knowledgeable.

    Quote Originally Posted by curlylaura View Post
    My building asked me today if i want my septic tank higher than land or flush with land. ?
    You need to do a "perc" test. The test measures the rate at which water will percolate into the ground.

    Quote Originally Posted by purestone2004 View Post
    Is there a cost difference involved in this decision?
    Oh, yes. It can be significant. And, the cost of a failed system is even worse (you pay twice).
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Seems my builder said that few inches is ok as he noticed in past few days water accumilation area on our land and it will be fine. We do not have any issues with rock underneath so we are lucky as i know this would have been more work and costly. (even for pool ) My builder basically said it is for esthetics. so i told him only a few inches higher as once i put stones and some type of landscaping it will be somewhat flush. I was just wondering why some chose to have much higher i guess bigger tank

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    just for your info out there, rob designs water treatment plants..cindy

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    Septic system

    At my home the septic system is flush with the ground level. So far no problems. It has been in use for 7 years now. I do have it maintained and pumped by Arumex who advise me of any issues that need to be addressed. Pump out fee is $60.

    I do have some cement footings near my house that were used as bases for the previous airconditioners. I have new units now that are wall mounted and secured with security brackets. I did not like looking at the bases and considered having them broken up and removed. Instead, I had Aruban Gardens cement a border of rock in place and used a flowering ground cover. Now they just look like flowering garden beds. The ground cover did not need the slabs to be covered with soil so it is easy access if required. Just an idea and way to disguise the cement.


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