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Thread: To Ship or Not to Ship - That is the Question

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    Anneke can get your renters and collect your rent for you, if you want her to. But I prefer to handle that part of it myself. I usually deal with the renters myself and they send the rental check to me. Anneke has a bank account here in the US so I deposit money to her account for the bills and her fees. It really is quite simple. I have really not had any problems with the money/financial part of rentals or with Anneke managing the property. Good luck with your plans.
    By the way, Retagger, I will be in Aruba next month also - Feb 27 to March 17. If our trips overlap, I'd be happy to meet you or you can come by our place and see what we've done there. If you have any questions or just want to talk about the experience, feel free to come visit...Cheryl
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