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Thread: Shipping a Car

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    Shipping a Car

    Does anyone know approximately how much it would be to ship a car from the US to Aruba. I would be willing to drive to any port, and just need the cheapest service uncovered etc. It is a jeep wrangler. Also, does anyone know who to use and how much import taxes, registration and stuff will be?

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    This info is the opposite direction, but would at least give you a starting point for reference.

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    We are going through the same process; my research shows that the cheapest port to send from is Miami, but thus far we don't have an exact quota including all fees or documentation required. I've sent dozens of emails and submitted number of forms but no answer so far. We leave in NYC area but I'm willing to drive to Miami and drop off my car there. Can you please share any information you will find on this topic? I'll post any useful info as well. My email is
    Thank you in advance.

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    To my knowledge, at this time, the approximate shipping cost to send a vehicle from Miami to Aruba costs about $1850 plus $250 handling. (This price may have changed because this is fuel price sensitive and such.) PLUS the taxes in Aruba which vary greatly depending on the vehicle. They can start at 12.5% and go as high as 40%. For example, a four door pick-up is considered a luxury SUV type machine as opposed to a work truck, regardless of its true configuration and purpose. So, my Chevy Silverado four door, short-bed, 4WD, diesel, work truck would get clipped at the higher rates even though it is truly a work truck, not an over-size luxury toy. (Needless to say, but I will anyway, it remains in the US of A).

    Also, you must have all title documents for the vehicle including documentation that liens have been satisfied.

    Try Land-Sea-Air for transporting vehicles. Their number is (954) 246-3935. This is a Miami number, but I think it rings through to Aruba. (If that number is not correct, please PM me. At the time of this writing, I can't call it to double check.)

    I would seriously consider buying a vehicle on the island. It saves tons hassle and potential damages in transport. There are many options for vehicles on the island from Chevrolet to Daihatsu to Honda to Nissan and so on. There are also vehicles that you don't see sold in the US. These may appeal to you.

    Hope this was helpful.
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    It really depends on where in the U.S. If you're shipping from Florida, it probably $1,200 to $1,700, depending on the shipper. If you're shipping from California, it will be a small fortune, unless you drive it to an eastern port as you said. I think the import duties are where they really get you though--it ranges from 30% to 50% last I checked (it's been a couple years). For what it's worth, I had a friend use A-1 Auto Transport for this very service and they were happy with it, though I don't know what the total cost was.

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    Very old thread

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