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Thread: Shipping Household Goods

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    Shipping Household Goods

    We just bought a house in Aruba and now we are trying to find ways to ship household items to Aruba. As we will purchase furniture in Aruba, what's the least expensive way to ship LTC loads per seafreight?

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    To Ship or Not to Ship - That is the Question

    Shipping boxes to Aruba, any suggestions?

    Import Duties
    Important, invaluable info

    Aruba Customs: Moving to Aruba!

    Exemption on moving household goods

    To be granted exemptions on home furnishings the following conditions apply:

    • The household goods must have been used in the previous normal place of residence. Import duties are due on new household goods;
    • The household goods are destined to be used for the same purpose in Aruba;
    • The household goods have been used outside of Aruba, in accordance with the prevailing norms in that country;
    • Exemption is only granted to persons who were not yet considered residents of Aruba.

    Additional conditions apply for motor vehicles, private aircrafts and sport vessels which form part of the moving home furnishings. These vehicles must be proven to have been, for a period of at least six months prior to the date upon which the normal place of residence was moved:

    • in possession
    • in ownership
    • used at the previous normal place of residence.
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    Shipping to Aruba

    Shipping from the State usually brings out different points of view. I like to ship purchased items from the States to Aruba. I like having choices and the challanges of triing to see if i can do it for less.
    I us Bon Bini out of Miami. Idania at Bon Bini may be helpful with the latest prices per cubic foot and documentation costs.
    We did ship all our Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets, Kayak yard furniture very eay to do.
    just remember you will have duty to pay in Aruba on your items. Lizzardo posted the rates that were in place at the time she posted the list on 06-16-2009. SAID is the WEB site for the rates. I think they just lowered some of the rates on Automobiles. 12% now for Hybreds. others may know the new rates.
    As this board is amazing were they pull the information from.

    If I know how to do the link I would have been being computer challanged I cut and Pasted Lizzardo's rates

    This is a "guide" provided to me from QF in Aruba as a guide to import
    duties charged.

    Auto parts 22.0 %
    Bedspreads, quilt 22.0 %
    Books 0.0 %
    Cameras 12.0 %
    Candles 12.0 %
    Cellphones 12.0 %
    Clothing 6.0 %
    Cosmetics 3.0 %
    Digital cameras 6.0 %
    DVD's 12.0 %
    Electronics 12.0 %
    Furniture, cabinets 22.0 %
    Household articles (wooden) 12.0 %
    Inflatable pool 12.0 %
    Jewels 12.0 %
    Leather articles 12.0 %
    Lingerie 6.0 %
    Magazines 6.0 %
    Music cd's 12.0 %
    Paint 6.0 %
    Party supplies 22.0 %
    Perfume 3.0 %
    Polish 12.0 %
    Porcelain 6.0 %
    Shoes 6.0 %
    Soap 6.0 %
    Spoons, forks 6.0 %
    Supplements 6.0 %
    Table cloths 12.0 %
    Tires 22.0 %
    Toiletries 3.0 %
    Tools 12.0 %
    Toys 6.0 %
    Umbrella's 22.0 %
    Vitamin 6.0 %
    Watches 3.0 %

    Disclaimer: The information is intended as a guide on not as a complete or definitive source.
    Hope this helps
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