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Thread: Software house in Aruba

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    You might want to contact and see if they can help
    Quote Originally Posted by publicduende View Post

    I am a software developer, and have been working as a consultant in the City of London for a number of years. Very predictably, I have grown tired of the relentless rat race for a higher rate, or a less boring/problematic job.

    Together with my wife, I would love to withdraw from this lifestyle and move on. I would like to set up a small software house in a place that is sunny, business friendly, and allows for selling products and services internationally, possibly using the Web and occasional business travel.

    For as much as I have read and seen, Aruba seems to tick all boxes, and then some.

    The software house would initially be a limited company or sole proprietorship, employing myself and my wife, but aI don't exclude the possibility of hiring local workforce and/or freelancers sourced from known communities/networks.

    Does anybody have experience in setting one such company in Aruba? Any advice, or further information would be greatly appreciated.

    My current contract is due to expire in June, so this could happen fairly soon.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    We did what you're planning to do

    Hi Vanni,

    We just moved from London (where we lived for 10 years) to Aruba. We also worked some years in the city in ecommerce and the web space. My wife and I decided to leave the chaos of London for the sandy beaches of Aruba. I'm Aruban so we didn't have any problems with the residency, however be aware that there are restrictions on permits and residency for foreign nacionals.

    Workwise we set up a technology and online marketing agency a year ago to help LatAm companies grow their operations online. have a look: expandeer dot com I think it would be great for us to talk and explore any opportunities. I can also share with you info on setting up a company in aruba, etc.

    You'll find my contact details on the expandeer site.

    Best wishes,

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