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Thread: Some questions for people who actually live there!

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    Some questions for people who actually live there!

    Hi everyone -

    My husband, daughter (9 yrs) and I are comtemplating a move somewhere much warmer than our home here in Canada. We're doing a lot of research and question asking on some Caribbean islands, and Aruba was one on our list!

    I will shortly be a qualified teacher here in Canada, certified to teach French and English. I have an undergrad degree from a Canadian university, and will have a Master's degree from a US college (graduating in December).

    Here are my questions - hoping someone will be able to answer some or all of them!

    What are the prospects for teachers in Aruba?
    Do they teach teach any French / foreign languages in the schools?
    Is it impossible for a Canadian to work in Aruba in this capacity?
    Are the private schools expensive to enroll children in?
    Are the public schools sub-par or up to par with North American standards? (This is not a derogatory question - just an honest one. In some places I've learned that they aren't.)
    Is the cost of living really high or is it manageable?

    Thanks... I know that was a lot of questions, but I've found that tracking down people who actually live there is a much better way of getting the 'real scoop'!

    thanks again!


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    Please PM me privately since you do have a lot of questions.
    I will tell you that there is an "international school" here
    that might be what you are looking for.

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    The ISA is really expensive my son went there in the 2006/7 school year, at least for our budget.

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