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Thread: Taking my pets to aruba???

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    Hi luvsun,

    Stanley has kinda taken over the neighborhood. He thinks he's the mayor or something. Even though he is only 22 lbs., he chases all the stray dogs away from the house and keeps our end of the cul-d-sac clear of other dogs. So far, he has no problem with any local dog in the neighborhood or on the beach. . . . .

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    I'm glad to hear that. Makes me more comfortable with bringing our dogs. One of ours thinks he's the dog police at the dog park here. He throws his weight around... at a mear 104 lbs!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom and Stanley View Post
    Hi Windy,

    Stanley is a Cavachon. AKA designer dog. . . . He will be 2 in Feruary. . . . O, he loves it on the island. . . . .
    First time I've heard of one and I thought I was pretty up to date! My family had four Cavaliers -- I'm guessing the Bichon side would be a calming
    factor! lol! He's a cutie, and one lucky guy to have trips to Aruba!!!

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