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Thread: Timeframes from offer to closing on a home in Aruba...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkiChris View Post
    By the way, I thought I'd mention to you that at your closing you will receive a letter from your notary which serves as proof of ownership of your home and it is recognized throughout Aruba. But you should be aware that you will wait a very long time to receive your title. We've been waiting over 4 years and the government still hasn't issued one - we check on it every 6 months. Gotta love island time. :-)
    Something seems wrong here . We got ours in under 6 months. I would write a letter to the Notary and not just rely on informal emails or phone call. You can of course attach the letter to an email but I would also courier an original to the Notary AND. the realtor who handled the transaction.
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    took 4 month for us and 9 month for our friends

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    Thanks for the tips/comments John and Yefim. We are returning to the island next month and have an appointment with our notary for an update. Our house was new and the notary said the title takes longer to issue for new construction but the data you've both provided on timing for your titles will be helpful to reference as examples.

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    We closed last week and they said it should be ready for pick up in about 2 weeks. They said it used to take months, but people, especially from the US complained so they are moving them through faster. I'll believe it when I see it.

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